The blog for the adventure trilogy Heartfire Rendezvous


Heartfire Rendezvous is a story quite unique in human history. More than a love story, it is an adventure of fulfilling destiny, engaging purpose, woven with several cultural threads and tapestries, across landscapes some myths do not know. One colleague describes it as a “Lord of the Rings for the peoples of the tropics.” Spiraling one another in time, Inandara and Ogûnniré have sought, saved and savored one another across a multitude of lifetimes, in eager echoes of spirit and heart.

Their personal story of consummate eternal love, reconnecting, actually knowing the experience of ‘eternality’ – the capacity to remember one’s life episode experiences in a long fluid series instead of slices memory. Inandara and Ogûnniré/Oldupai, and others of their cadre, are able to recognize one another, choosing to cultivate and complete a collective destiny spanning millennia of human history.

Opening in Pacific Palisades, California, the story is rendered whole, through three volumes, in a rhythmic text arrayed across the page, a sort of visual music. We see in sharp detail, feel strongly enough to make you itch, drawing the reader along corridors of idea, principle, culture and nature, rooted in a tropical human context. Book one explores the headwaters of the Amazon rain forest, completing prophecies at the foot of the towering Andes. Book II, The Crossing, extends the evolving web across the Atlantic, and the lap of Africa, with Book III culminating in a showdown across the Nile from Abu Simbel.

Each character has complexities, quirks, and curiosities, impelling them along this loom we live with them, from the inside out. The reader experiences the grip of coming of age, and transformation, facing down long-haunting fears to make way for manifested dream. We know these characters, have always known they existed. They come alive in rain forests, island nations, embracing great lakes around the planet, at many different stages of geologic history, over countless time.

In rich detail, the writer takes us into layers of tropical human civilizations, thick with spirit and ritual, science, magic and powers which have no name. Wisdom systems are woven in careful empathic mosaic, linking, overlaying and inclusive by paradigm. We discover niches of history often overlooked, see time through the eyes of ancient cultures and taste destiny as more than a fragrance for the mind. It becomes tangible, alluring, compelling…and we begin to remember, hidden stirrings within ourselves, those moments of wonder and connection linking us to the planet, instead of the world.

In this blog, along with the website, you will be able to find out new developments of the story phenomenon, and tune into the expanding Heartfire Rendevous advenutre universe.


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